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Client is Nokia Al-Saudia and we have with them DT Team assigned to work for STC,Zain and mobily Project as optimization and Calaculation the Parmater Outsource for Planning and Design for STC Project Implementation and Manage Service for Zain and STC Project


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We have salvaginini

High dynamic adaptive fiber laser The result of lengthy experience in the field – Salvagnini was one of the first companies in the world to invest in fiber technology. The L5 is a productive and versatile solution, with high dynamics and competitive operating costs that respects the environment, humankind and its work. It respects the environment.
• Power 4kW
• Maximum dimensions: 1500 x 4000 mm
• High speed cut
With its progressive shift from a make-to-stock strategy and from the economic batch to a lean, make-to-order, just-intime strategy, the modern economic and industrial context has been driving Salvagnini’s product development for some time. The two Salvagnini laser product lines are both based on fiber technology: L3, a versatile system intended for transversal use, whatever the applications, materials and thicknesses, and L5, a highly performing, high-dynamic system for thin and medium-thin material. The adoption rates of the L3 and L5 vary according to the customer’s industrial sectors but, above all for the L5, we can identify an interesting trend: the choice of relatively low powers, precisely in those sectors where thin sheet metal is used the most, demonstrating that increased power is not always the best answer. Our Client is Al Bawani Company Saudi Irsal Company and Al hashimieh

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Our Work is finishing for Towers and Villas and New Buildings.
This New Department opened in the Company and now we have Project With Al Rabiee Company as Finishing Tile and Painting and EM and Electrical

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We Offer App Developers for Businesses. All Apps We Create Are Fully Owned By Our Clients.Nextech relies on a diversified Line of Business, expanding from Design to Consultancy and Execution of CivilConstruction, Power, Telecommunication, and Security/Safety Projects. This Combination gives a broadening which, in turn, offers our Customers a Turnkey Solution covering different Business Fields. Nextech Team has Extensive Experience in providing various Solutions to bringan added Value to both Telecom & ISP Operations. Management, Development & Consultancy Services can be provide in one of twoAlternatives: Nextech Engineering Team also provides:
Network Optimization
Radio PlanningSite Acquisition
Network Quality AssuranceRevenue Assurance

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