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Nextech a Saudi Company , was founded in 2014 with its head- quarters located Riyadh

Nextech Line of Business consists of the following:

>> Management, Development & Consultancy Services: including Training & Management of GSM & ISP Operators, Network building, Team building, Company Value increase, Profitability increase, Expense reduction, Preparation of Commercial Plans based on Market Analysis and Research, Forecast of Profit & Loss Figures through sensitive Analysis based on Sales Forecast, Profit Margins etc…

>>Design, Consultancy and Execution of Civil Works: Our Team of Civil Engineers and Architects specialized in Design, Supervision and Consultancy of telecom tower.

>>Telecom Site Implementation (GSM/ Tetra): Turnkey Solutions for Site Implementation including the Supply, Installation & Maintenance of MSCs, BSCs, BTS, Microcells, Pico, Repeaters, Masts, Towers, fully equipped Shelter, Electrical works, Grounding, Rectifiers, Batteries, Antennas, Feeders, MW, SDH, PDH, Fences …

>>Safety and Security System: including Consultancy, Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Firefighting, Automation Access, Lightening System, CCTV, Security Fences & other related Integrated Systems…

>>Network planning and optimization: providing expert engineer for Pre-launch, post optimization and Drive test team to operator/ vendor.

>>Genset: genset installation and providing temporary generators on telecom sites.

>>Power services: supplying and installing UPS, rectifier, Batteries.


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Is to change the world to Think Digital! And Be Creative !


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Nextech have a Long - Term and a great Relationship with its Partners


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Fast Growth with Significant increase in Turnover